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Lavender Essential Oil Mini 2 ml

Lavender Essential Oil Mini 2 ml

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Enjoy the sweet and relaxing smell of lavender in its purest form. This lavender essential oil smells like fresh lavender and has a rich floral scent. This mini version is great for refreshing your eye pillow, aromatherapy necklace and boho keychain.


  • Diffuse in a diffuser to enjoy the relaxing smell of lavender
  • Freshen up an eye pillow or drawer sachet with a drop of lavender.
  • Dilute with a carrier oil and apply to bumps, bruises and beestings to feel a soothing effect. 

2 ML 

NOTE: At Iowa Lavender, we always recommend diluting essential oil with a carrier oil if you are going to apply it to your skin. Want an already diluted version that you can apply to your skin? Try our Lavender Salve!

This lavender was steam distilled and has received the following certifications: Certified Vegan by VegeCert, Kosher Certified by COR, and COSMOS approved by EcoCert.