Top 10 Relaxing Gifts Under $10

Christmas shopping doesn't have to be stressful. Here are 10 relaxing lavender gift and stocking ideas under $10. Be sure to check out #2 and #1 for some limited edition gifts! Here are 10 relaxing lavender gift and stocking ideas under $10.
Hint: You can also use this list to build your own gift bundle to match your budget.

10. Lavender Sachet $5 These scream stocking stuffer worthy. Guaranteed to make it smell great! When Christmas is over, stick them in a sock or pajama drawer. They are also great to keep on a desk and squeeze when you feel stressed. 

9. Aromatherapy Fidget Necklace $10 - Carry the scent of lavender with you wherever you go. These aromatherapy necklaces just need a drop of lavender on the ball and you will enjoy the relaxing scent for a day or two.  They make great gifts for kids to wear at school and for women who want to enjoy the fragrance of lavender.  Don't for get to add on a mini lavender oil.

8. Mini Lavender Oil  $6 - These are a great add on gift.  They go perfectly with your aromatherapy fidget necklace or aromatherapy keychain. It's an easy way to give high quality lavender oil on a stocking stuffer budget!

7. Aromatherapy Keychain $8 - This eye-catching macrame aromatherapy keychain natural wood bead absorbs and diffuses your favorite essential oils! It's the perfect essential for your purse, bag, rearview mirror, belt loop, car keys, lanyard, and zipper just to name a few!

6. Lavender Bath Salts $5 - These slip perfectly into a stocking and are great to sprinkle in a bath tub. Each tube is enough for one or two relaxing and luxurious baths. 

5. Lavender Lip Scrub $8 - Want to know Santa's secret to smooth lips? This lavender lip scrub is a 20 second treatment that will leave a lasting impact. The sugar scrub will help you exfoliate your lips and hands. It's great when paired with our lavender mint lip balm.

4. Lavender Mint Lip Balm $7 - It's winter and lips of all ages are starting to feel the impact of the dry and cold weather. The lavender mint lip balm stick slips easily into your pocket or stocking. It's also available in a lavender mint round lip balm

3. Lavender Lotion Bar $8 - The lavender lotion bar in a tin is one of the best ways to help your hands feel smooth this winter.  You can throw it in a backpack, purse or pocket. It a solid bar with a light lavender scent that glides over your hands and makes them look great. It's also available in a 2 pack!

2. Lavender Salve Mini Set of 3  $15 - I know we said gifts under $10, and we promise this one will fall in that category. We are offering a limited number of our travel sized lavender salves as a set of 3.  That means you can add them to 3 different stockings or gifts. It's the smaller version of our best selling lavender salve. Lavender salve is better than lotion. Just put a little on your hands and feet right before bed for a soothing scent to help you feel relaxed. It's also great for dry hands. If your budget allows, we definitely recommend getting the full sized one!

1.  Stocking Stuffer Relaxation Bundle $20 - Get this limited edition stocking stuffer bundle. It includes a lavender sachet, lotion bar, lip balm stick and mini lavender salve.  The law of averages mean each item is only $5 each!

We hope this list helps you feel more relaxed this Christmas season. Don't forget to add a little something for you to your cart too!

Want something more? Check out our gift sets that are sure to bring relaxation this Christmas. 

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