Top 10 Uses for Fresh and Dried Lavender

I think we all can agree that lavender smells amazing. It's not just a fragrance, it's a scent that can soothe your soul.  Here are some ideas on how to use your fresh lavender bundles from our Iowa Lavender farm!
Top 10 Uses for Fresh Lavender
  1. Vase: Place in a vase or cute container. Super easy and cute!
  2. Decor: Make a lavender wreath. You'll need several bundles depending on how you want to make it, but it will be worth it! It's best when it's fresh because the stems are easy to bend.
  3. Carpet freshener: After the fresh lavender dries, grind it up and add it to baking soda, then sprinkle it on your carpet. When you vacuum, the whole house will smell like lavender and it’ll freshen your vacuum cleaner, too.
  4. Drawer Sachet: Place lavender buds in a simple organza or muslin bag and place in any drawer that you want to stay fresh! Great for the linen closet.
  5. Heating Pad: Make your own homemade heating pad by mixing dried lavender buds with either rice or flax seed. Add a few drops of lavender oil for an enhanced scent. 
  6. Sweets: Feeling gourmet? Make homemade lavender sugar. Add some buds to your sugar and get a subtle lavender flavor to your sweets.
  7. Lemonade: Make a tea with fresh lavender leaves and hot water. Strain the water and add it to your lemonade.
  8. Cooking: Add one-half teaspoon of dried lavender to your favorite sugar-cookie mix, or make fresh homemade lavender ice cream. You can also blend chopped lavender flowers with butter for a savory scone topping.
  9. Sleep aid: Squeeze fresh lavender flowers to release their calming oils onto your fingertips, then rub your temples.
  10. Bath salts: Place some lavender buds into your favorite salt and add a few drops of lavender oil. Add to your bath for a relaxing experience. 
Here are some products you can purchase to make your own lavender items:

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