Top 5 Restful Gifts for A Silent Night

Christmas is often the season of to-do lists for parents and excitement for kids. It can also leave many tired and low on sleep.   We love hearing from customers how Iowa Lavender has helped them relax and get some much needed rest.  

Here are our top 5 restful gifts for a silent night:

  1. Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray - The name about says it all. Just spritz this on your pillow at bedtime and let the sweet dreams begin. We have heard from many people that this spray plays a key role in getting to sleep fast. So much so, that they say they go around the house spritzing everyones pillow before they go to bed. Want to share? Be sure to check out limited edition Sweet Dreams Mini 3 Pack. The one ounce mini version is the perfect way to share and try the pillow spray. 

  2. Lavender Salve
    - It's better than a lotion, it's a salve. It's great for cracked heels, little cuts and scrapes and chapped hands. If you want a restful night, put it on the bottom of your feet right before bed. Want to share? Check out our limited edition Lavender Salve Mini 3 Pack.  The mini salves are perfect for your purse, backpack and more. 

  3. Lavender Lotion Bar - Ready to soothe the aches of the day away? The lavender lotion bar feels great on your hands, neck, shoulders and feet. As it gently glides over your skin, you'll be able to easily massage these areas with a very light lavender aroma.  This one is great for scent sensitive people as you get the benefits of lavender without much of the scent. Want to try something bigger? Check out the lavender massage bar.

  4. Best Sellers Bundle - This bundle is the perfect way to use lavender throughout the day.  It includes a pillow spray, lavender salve, lavender mint lip balm, lavender foaming hand wash, and a lotion bar.  Want to take this helpful set wherever you go? Check out our giftable mini best sellers bundle. It's a great way to try several products in nice portable size. 

  5. Aromatherapy Eye Pillow - It's like a weighted blanket for your eyes. You'll enjoy the gentle pressure it provides as you lay this lavender eye pillow over your eyes. The soothing scent of lavender in combination with the darkening out the light around you is a great combination to get some sleep. You can also heat it up or cool it in the freezer for hot or cold therapy. 

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